Assemble Your Team 

The Project 24 Digital Learning Survey is designed to be completed by a key group of district leaders, working both individually and together. The survey process can be completed in these five steps:

  1. Schedule a meeting of key district leaders within your district for the completion of the survey.  While in smaller districts one person might “wear multiple hats”, this group should ideally include the following roles:
    • The district superintendent or a representative
    • A district curriculum leader
    • The district CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or technology director
    • A district professional development leader
  2. Prior to the meeting, distribute a copy of the print version of the survey and ask each participant to complete the survey independently prior to the meeting.  You may wish to provide the link below to allow participants to review the Project 24 frameworkthe glossary and other resources on that site. This will allow for a period of contemplation and data review prior to the meeting.
  3. As a group, complete the survey. This may be best done with a computer and projector or electronic whiteboard to facilitate the discussion. Make sure click submit and include a valid email address upon completing the survey.
  4. Upon receiving the report from the survey, you may wish to present the results of the survey to the group, either electronically or in a future meeting.

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