Why the Urgency?

The next 24-36 months are critical to the future of education in this country. There is a perfect storm for innovation– districts are being asked to achieve higher career and college standards for all students, budgets are stagnant or shrinking, price points for technology are dropping, and in many states the deadline for online assessments is looming large on the horizon and forcing discussions about devices, infrastructure and adequate connectivity.  

This perfect storm offers district leaders with an opportunity to ensure that the promise of technology in public schools is realized. Yet, thoughtful plans must be in place before that first device is purchased.  District leaders need to take a deep breath, analyze their specific needs, align necessary technologies to instructional goals, and have a plan to support school level educators all the way through implementation and beyond. 

The urgency cannot undermine the need for thoughtful and strategic coordination across all quadrants of education policy and practice, especially as it relates to the deployment of technology in the classroom.  Technology needs to work in service of teaching and learning and be considered in all phases of the planning process.  This is why the Alliance is quickly becoming the “go-to” organization on this systemic approach planning for the effective implementation of digital learning. 

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